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Core Network Insight

Advanced threat detection

cmd体育网址Using threat intelligence to definitively confirm infections

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Core Impact provides visibility into the effectiveness of endpoint defenses and helps IT prioritize the most pressing risks existing across the network. It also enables organizations to evaluate their ability to detect and preventcmd体育网址 real-world, multi-staged threats.

cmd体育网址Turning Passive Observation into Actionable Insight

Core Network Insight is the only mature, purpose built active threat detection solution on the market backed by nearly a decade of research by security experts. Network Insight is an agentless, platform agnostic solution designed for every endpoint, particularly those that often have little to no protection, like the Internet of Things (IoT). Carefully designed sensors observe not only behavior of any device, but also inbound and outbound network traffic to the device, gathering data over time while looking for malicious activity.

cmd体育网址Prove Infections with Certainty

cmd体育网址Once a threat has been identified, Network Insight utilizes our sophisticated Case Analyzer, which eliminates false positives by using threat intelligence from CoreLabs to examine the forensic evidence in order to conclusively detrmine infection. Security teams are only notified when an infection is confirmed, reducing alert fatigue and prompting immediate action.

cmd体育网址Assess Risk for Streamlined Incident Response

cmd体育网址Once an infection has been identitifed, a series of critical risk profilers assess the level of risk based on the threat activity, intent and importance of the device to the organization. Once a risk score has been determined, the threat can be prioritized appropriately and security teams can start remediating sooner, reducing dwell time and the chance for long term damage to the organization.

In order to stop today’s advanced threats, first you have to detect them. Our traditional security controls weren’t doing that. That’s where [Core Security] comes in.
Fortune 500 entertainment company, United States
With Core Security Network Insight, we can more rapidly detect and remove infected users from the network before their infection can do harm to University resources or expose the user to identity theft or fraud. Using Network Insight, we can identify threats as they emerge and more quickly remediate the user’s machine.
Large University, United States
Network Insight provides me, as a security architect, with a level of visibility that I’ve never had before. I don’t have to try to guess at the effectiveness of my security architecture anymore.
Security Architect
Financial Services Institution, United States

How to Identify Compromised Devices with Certainty

How can you be sure if a device is free of infection? Ensure swift removal and prevent serious damagewith this guide on advanced threat detection.

Key Features

cmd体育网址Streamline your file transfer processes with ease

Analyze network behaviors

cmd体育网址Monitor for malicious payloads, threat actors, advanced persistent threats, and other indications of infection.

Verify evidence

Utilize the automated case analyzer to assess evidence, ensuring that an alert isn't sent out before it is needed.

Confirm infections

cmd体育网址Validate infections with certainty with definitive forensic evidence.

Determine risk level and priority

Present response teams with appropriately weighted workflow for immediate action.
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