VCM Enterprise

IT Performance Optimization Software

Optimize hybrid IT and proactively assure performance across the enterprise


OS:cmd体育网址 Linux, Windows, UNIX

Hypervisors:cmd体育网址 VMware, RHEV, PowerVM

Containers:cmd体育网址 Docker, Kubernetes

Cloud: AWS, Azure, GCP





30% of hybrid IT spend is wasted. You know it.

cmd体育网址You just don't know which 30%. We do.

cmd体育网址Meet VCM Enterprise. Saving companies real money every day.

VCM Enterprise helps you optimize IT cost, identify waste, and assure performance.





Assure Performance Across Your Enterprise Hybrid IT

IT departments are tasked with solving problems that prevent service delivery. VCM makes it possible to assure performance without the heavy lifting or overspending.

scaling across enterprise hybrid IT

Scaling Across the Enterprise

Manage cost and performance across even the largest and most complex of hybrid IT environments.
automated problem identification for hybrid IT

Automated Problem Identification

Health and Risk KPIs surface problems that need attention, allowing you to proactively avoid performance issues and service outages.
Actionable Insights for hybrid IT

Actionable Insights from Day 1

Right out of the box, VCM can identify potential service delivery problems and give you advice about how to remediate. 
unified hybrid IT

Unified Hybrid IT

See performance in one holistic view of all technology involved in service delivery. Having a single, objective source of truth allows teams to fix issues instead of pointing fingers.
Vityl Capacity Management VM Dashboard

Single source of truth for performance and optimization across hybrid IT environments

cmd体育网址Collect and analyze real-time and historical performance data. Use the data you already have, regardless of the data sources or performance tools used to collect it. Or utilize VCM Enterprise data collection to gather the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date measurements possible, as granular as one second collection for the most demanding IT environments.

Minimize Risk and Costs

cmd体育网址Find out which systems need attention right now—and understand which systems are at risk of performance issues in the future. VCM Enterprise automatically identifies services and systems that are at risk for poor performance in the future. By understanding the severity of unhealthy services and systems, you can take appropriate action to avoid costly outages.

What's New in VCM Enterprise?

Vityl Capacity Management 2.6 Kubernetes pod metrics

cmd体育网址Our January 2020 software release included advanced service and cluster monitoring and management as well as automated intelligent alerting. Check out the blog to learn more and to see what else is new. 

VCM Enterprise Customers Achieved...

  • cmd体育网址$5 million savings in hardware expenses in one exercise alone

  • 1000s of VMs repurposed and no new resources added to the clusters for a year

  • cmd体育网址25% reduction in annual IT budget over a 3-year period

  • cmd体育网址Accurate prediction of resource requirements to support 730 transactions per second in busy retail season

  • Automation of 70% of the team’s capacity management work

Get Started

Controlling IT costs, avoiding risks, and aligning with business values are musts for IT organizations today. VCM Enterprise can help optimize cost and assure performance.

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