AIX & IBM i Risk Assessment

Our experts can assess the current state of your system security, compile key findings, and share recommendations.

Take the Next Step to Secure Your Data


cmd体育网址To improve your data security, you have to know where you’re starting from. Give your security the attention it needs, starting with a full security audit.  

cmd体育网址If your organization has never had a security policy, or you want to know where you really stand with AIX and IBM i server security, our experts will tell you what you need to know. An IBM i Risk Assessment, conducted by the HelpSystems security team, is the first step of any security plan. We’ll assess your system’s security vulnerabilities and provide you with a detailed report of expert findings and recommendations.

cmd体育网址No Need to Become a Security Expert

Maybe you’ve been asked by your organization to audit your system security, but you have no idea where to start or what to look at. Letting a security expert handle the risk assessment ensures it’s done right, and saves you time so you can focus on other priorities.

Guarantee an Objective Perspective

By getting a third-party review from security experts, you can ensure that security is being objectively evaluated and that nothing will be missed or ignored. The HelpSystems security team looks at approximately 100 risk points, so your audit is as comprehensive as possible.

Peace of Mind

Having vulnerabilities is one thing—being unaware of them is another. Knowing you’re moving in the right direction by simply identifying your security risks can provide a clear roadmap for a busy network or system administrator who was previously in the dark about their security issues.

What We'll Review

cmd体育网址Our expert-led AIX and iSeries Risk Assessment services include evaluations of:

cmd体育网址Administrative privileges

Folder permissions

Secure remote access

cmd体育网址Server configuration

User attributes

Command permissions

Login policy

Password policy

cmd体育网址Event auditing

cmd体育网址And many other system settings

Learn more about the professional security services HelpSystems offers:

Get Started

Do you know what vulnerabilities threaten your systems? Find out with a security Risk Assessment.

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