GDPR in 2020

The GDPR: 2 Years On

cmd体育网址Useful resources for meeting the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation requirements

What's next for the GDPR?

It's now been 2 years since the GDPR hit us with a bang on 25th May, 2018.  Aside from a few high profile fines, companies seem to be coping well on the whole.  But is that really what's happening?  Read morecmd体育网址 from Donnie MacColl, HelpSystems's resident GDPR expert.

GDPR Requirements & Impact

GDPR Solutions for Information Security

What Is GDPR?

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El efecto de GDPR en los departamentos de IT

What Does GDPR Mean to an IT Manager, CTO, or Systems Admin?

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GDPR Compliance Software

Understanding the 8 Rights of Data Subjects

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GDPR legal implications & potential solutions

Legal implications of GDPR

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preparing for gdpr compliance

Preparing for GDPR Compliance

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DPO as a GDPR Compliance Solution

The Inside Job: GDPR’s Data Protection Officers

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Cuáles son los 10 pasos para cumplir con GDPR

What Are the Top 10 Ways to Comply with GDPR?

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Let's Talk About How We Can Help

Contact the professionals at HelpSystems for a free 30-minute consultation on what GDPR solutions are best for your organisation. We’ll help you determine what you need to do next to be in compliance with GDPR.

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