Anti-virus software protects systems from malicious programs

Virus Protection

cmd体育网址Prevent viruses and malware from spreading throughout your system and protect files with antivirus software that runs natively on your IBM i, AIX, and Linux servers.

Protect your servers cmd体育网址from viruses and malware.

Avoid the cost of downtime and remediation.

Stay compliant with security mandates that require virus protection.

No System Is Immune to Viruses


cmd体育网址Many of the security breaches making news every day start with viruses and malware. Victims often experience financial losses, reduced customer confidence, and even fines stemming from compliance violations. The consequences can be serious, but many still believe viruses are only a Windows problem.

That’s not true in today’s connected environments. Viruses can hide inside Java and Unix files and your operating system can execute them. On IBM i, your integrated file system (IFS) can act as a host for viruses and malware. In short, the IBM i, AIX, and Linux operating systems are all vulnerable to viruses—no server is completely safe. But PC-based virus scanning and firewalls aren’t enough—today’s virus threats call for a multilayered approach that includes native virus scanning.

“If you have X amount of users down and take their average salary, multiply that by the hours of downtime and then add in the network team’s time (in dollars) for remedying this; that cost is significantly higher than if you had initially protected the IFS with Powertech Antivirus for IBM i. That is simply a no brainer. You have to lock down the IFS to secure your server. If the server is secure, then you can sleep better.”

IT Director
Energy Company

You’ll Never Know if Your System Is Infected Unless You Scan

Native virus scanning is more secure than PC-based software

Using PC-based antivirus software for your IBM i, AIX, and Linux servers is impractical and unreliable. Scanning your server with a PC introduces new security vulnerabilities, it’s a very manual process, and it creates performance problems.

You can avoid these issues with virus scanning software that runs natively on your system. Native scanning is stable and fast, and a program running natively on your operating system will use the appropriate scan attributes and settings without increasing your network load.

Free 3-Step Virus Scan

Are viruses lurking on your IBM i, AIX, and Linux servers? Find out and remove them for free.

Review Antivirus Solutions

  Powertech Antivirus for IBM i Powertech Antivirus for AIX Powertech Antivirus for Linux
Key Features
  • Native file system scanning
  • Automatic updating and scanning
  • Object integrity scanning
  • Heuristic analysis
  • Native file system scanning
  • Automatic updating and scanning
  • Heuristic analysis
  • Native file system scanning
  • Automatic updating and scanning
  • Heuristic analysis
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